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Conquer Your Day with Clay Dry Bold's Long-Lasting Odor Protection

No matter what the day throws your way, Clay Dry Bold has got your back with safe and effective odor protection. Our natural formula is jam-packed with ingredients you understand, like arrowroot, green tea, and witch hazel. We let Mother Nature do the heavy lifting with our natural formula that's free from questionable chemicals, ensuring that you stay fresh and clean all day long.

Our clay deodorant applies like a charm and stays put, with no residue so you can focus on conquering your day without worrying about body odor. Experience a natural, warm, and musky scent that invigorates your senses with a boost of confidence and charm, while keeping you fresh and healthy throughout the day

Absorb Odor and Balance pH:

Ionic Clay Minerals work wonders in absorbing odor and balancing skin pH. Clay Dry Bold is packed with more than 57 trace minerals to provide you with ultimate freshness and a healthy glow.

Comfortable Dryness:

Arrowroot helps keep your skin comfortably dry all day long. It's a natural moisture-absorber that prevents unwanted wetness and leaves you feeling confident and fresh.

Healthy Skin Astringent

Clay Dry Bold's Witch Hazel, a natural astringent, controls excess oil and promotes healthy skin.

Sensitive Skin-friendly:

Vitamin E in Clay Dry Bold soothes and nourishes sensitive skin, providing the perfect amount of moisture for all-day comfort.

Boost Skin Healing:

Arnica Extract in Clay Dry Bold boosts your skin's natural healing process, promoting speedy recovery from irritation or damage.

Even Skin Tone:

Reduce hyperpigmentation and achieve an even skin tone with Green Tea Extract, a powerful natural antioxidant in Clay Dry Bold.

Go Green with ClayDry Refills

We believe in reducing waste and making sustainable choices. That's why we're proud to offer our first-ever ClayDry Refills, allowing you to continue using your favorite deodorant while also reducing your environmental impact.