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Wrinkle Defense Trio

What If You Could Get The Benefit Of Botox, Without The Permanent Damage?

Introducing The Wrinkle Defense Trio From Adama Minerals…That Will Change How You Think About Aging And Skin Care

As you’ll read below, the Adama Minerals Wrinkle Defense Trio is a three product combo kit that people just love.  There is a day cream, a night cream and an eye cream that will change how you think about skincare forever.

The reason is that this is a completely unique formula that contains natural oils, extracts and fruit peptides which gently reduces wrinkles, restores skin elasticity and rebuilds collagen.

But the secret ingredient is the clay minerals that makes this formula unlike anything else. These are essential nutrients that are drained from our bodies as we age. Because the skin is so absorbable, these minerals go directly into your skin. Your face is nourished, and so are the muscles and nerves that support the skin on your face. This ends up relaxing them, slowly over time.



What You Are Going To Experience….

When you start using the Wrinkle Defense Trio, your face will feel refreshed and hydrated like never before. After a couple weeks, you’ll start to feel as if your face has some more plump and elasticity to it. After a month, you’ll start to see the anti-wrinkle effect in action. The depth of your wrinkles will decrease.

This is the reason our customers love this so much and keep coming back. It’s very simple, when you feel and see something work, you keep doing it.




After 30-60 days of use, you’ll see and feel results.

Our “secret ingredient” is endorsed by leading medical professionals and health industry leaders…




“Adama’s line of facial beauty products, toothpaste and deodorant has some of the best ingredients that I have seen. As you know I always teach my patients how living clean is the best way to start detoxifying their bodies. I love the added clay mineral which adds a powerful detox to the products. Clean air, clean water, clean food… and now clean  beauty!" 

- Jill Carnahan, MD



“I am a skincare junkie, and I have tested EVERYTHING. Most things I test end up in the skin care graveyard. Not the Adama Anti-wrinkle trio. This is one of the most amazing products I have ever tried.  All three of these products work together like botox on the skin, but with none of the permanent damage and the crazy cost. You’ll love the results you get, and the more you use it, the better it is. I look great and I feel great.“ 

– Leanne Ely, Saving Dinner




The Wrinkle Defense Trio helps my face feel hydrated, which helps give my face a full youthful look. I use the day cream and night cream religiously. And I use the eye cream on my neck as well. After a few months using this, I can see how the minerals in this formula have helped toliterally build the “bounce” back in my face! “

–Jackie Wicks, PEERtrainer  









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