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ZAP Acne Kit (Detox Tablets 120 + Acne Terminator + Acne Mask + Sulfur Clay Soap 6oz)

ZAP Acne Kit (Detox Tablets 120 + Acne Terminator + Acne Mask + Sulfur Clay Soap 6oz) image
ZAP Acne Kit (Detox Tablets 120 + Acne Terminator + Acne Mask + Sulfur Clay Soap 6oz)
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ZAP Acne Kit (Value $69.96)
This Acne bundle is proven to heal, rejuvenate and repair your skin. With our
4 core products this is our most popular and comprehensive bundle that will
help clarify, clear, and balance the skin pH level. This daily care system will
help treat acne and help prevent future breakouts.
Bundles Kit Includes:
Kanwa Mineral Supplements. Whole Body Daily Detox 120 Tablets.
Detox Your Body Naturally
Kanwa includes minerals from pure calcium montmorillonite clay; A nutrient
rich clay including magnesium, zinc, phosphorous, calcium, and additionally
57 trace minerals known to heal, energize and absorb toxins, including
harmful bacteria, chemicals, and toxins produced by the body that are
stress related.
Acne Terminator – 1oz
Fast Action Acne Clear Treatment
Acne Terminator is formulated with medicinal herbs and purifying minerals to help
clear the skin without irritation. 
Acne Mask for all skin types – 4oz
Intensive acne clearing mask with Salicylic Acid
Clay mask for acne-prone skin that targets excess oil and contains natural
anti-bacterial properties. The combination of Green Tea Extract and Witch Hazel
decreases inflammation, helps calm and reduce redness caused by acne.
Ancient Clay Soap with Sulfur 6oz - Fragrance Free
Ancient Clay Soap with SULFUR is a popular natural remedy for acne, whiteheads,
rosacea, eczema and seborrheic dermatitis. Sulfur has been known to treat symtoms
related to troubled skin.  Ancient clay soaps include pure Calcium Montorillonite clay,
used for centuries by indigenous cultures to purify and nourish the skin.

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