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Author: Greg D.

  • Review Add on: 10/02/2023

Fastest shipping known to humankind! Never been an error with an order, and customer service when I changed my email was smooth as silk. What more does someone want?

Author: brandon g.

  • Review Add on: 07/01/2023

I always get another refill.

Author: Natalie H.

  • Review Add on: 07/11/2022

I have been using Zion health deodorant for a few years now; and I recommend their products to everyone.

Author: Kamalia G.

  • Review Add on: 26/09/2021

I bought it for my son, he couldn’t even use it. It’s so uncomfortable to put it on the skin. Very dry and then sticky. So disappointed. Wouldn’t recommend this deodorant.

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