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Author: Jessica G.

  • Review Add on: 10/02/2023

I came across this in the travel size via my Ipsy subscription and I just had to purchase the full size. The smell is divine and it's very gentle. Not only am I recommending this here, but I'm recommending the same formula, different scent, to my husband.

Author: Maria M.

  • Review Add on: 03/12/2022

This deodorant is life changing for me, I love it.

Author: Carolyn L.

  • Review Add on: 11/10/2022

This deodorant is the best! Smells great and works great!

Author: Jasmine M.

  • Review Add on: 01/03/2022

-Doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin
-Goes on smooth after holding against warm skin for a couple seconds
-Smells so good!
-Lasts almost all day which is longer than any other natural deodorant I have ever tried (and I’ve tried A LOT)
I also love and a

Author: Christie B.

  • Review Add on: 14/02/2022

I love the clay deodorants and have been ordering from this great company for a while now. The new refill option is a clever idea...just use your expended deodorant holder to place the refill inside. Works great and saves on all that plastic waste.

Author: Kelsie K.

  • Review Add on: 27/08/2021

Love this deodorant,the efficiency in receiving it, and the re-fillable containers (yay Earth)!
Deodorant smells yum, is smooth, doesn't get on my clothing, and lasts all day. I still sweat of course, but it doesn't smell like smells like sweet amber+my pheromones! ;)
Order was shipped same day that I placed it, and I received it two days later! Bravo!

Author: keondra m.

  • Review Add on: 30/07/2021

This is the best deodorant in the world. I will never use anything else..unless I make it:slightly_smiling:

Author: Allyssa C.

  • Review Add on: 27/06/2021

I had pretty much given up hope that any natural deodorant was ever going to work for me until I found this. It keeps me smelling nice, not like some scent mixed with BO as soon as I start sweating. I absolutely love that I can just purchase refills, reducing plastic waste. The smell is lovely and earthy, a nice change from most of the floral/citrus scents that are offered for women. I'm a very sweaty, stinky gal and if this works for me then that's saying something! Plus I got a freebie with my first order which was just super thoughtful. A+ 10/10 reccomend.

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