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Author: Julie H.

  • Review Add on: 25/11/2021

I love this deodorant. I’ve looked for an all natural deodorant that actually works for more than 2 hours. This works all day for me. Now that the new deodorant inserts are available, it makes me feel that much better about my purchase. No unnecessary waste and doing my body a favor as well. I am a very happy returning customer.

Author: Christopher L.

  • Review Add on: 11/06/2021

I've been using Claydry deodorant for the last few years and was highly interested in the ability to refill the plastic case so as to be more ecologically friendly. The formula for the deodorant itself however must have been changed significantly in order to make it hard enough to refill the plastic tube. As a man who doesn't shave his armpits, the new formula is so hard and sticky that it rips hair out as I try to apply. It doesn't matter whether I try to warm the deodorant up first - I have attempted to do so even using a hot hair dryer and have the same end result. The product smells the same as it did but the new formula is unsuitable for anyone that has underarm hair. I'm very disappointed.

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