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Author: Nancy L.

  • Review Add on: 21/01/2023

This deodorant really works and is long-lasting. I first discovered it at my favorite store in the bay area, and as I haven't found it where I've moved, I am very pleased to be able to order it directly from adama minerals...and I got a great refill so I can re-use the plastic is good. Thank you adama.

Author: Melanie V.

  • Review Add on: 16/01/2023

Great product. Have been using for years. It’s smells lovely and works great.

Author: Lauren M.

  • Review Add on: 25/08/2022

So far so good! Seems to work well and I like that I’ll be able to get an insert.

Author: cristina c.

  • Review Add on: 12/07/2022

We have LOVED Zion Health's Solid Clay Dry deodorant for years....I mean YEARS! Because I have been struggling to find the solid, I thought we (my daughter's and I) would try the Bold version. Well, that stuff sucks! I mean, really, REALLY sucks. It colored the armpit area of light-colored shirts yellow. It won't come out with regular washing (trust me I tried). This is disgusting. I am so bummed about the staining on our shirts. We have thrown out the one that was used and are going to return the two we have not.

DO NOT BUY THE BOLD, unless you are cool with possibly staining your light-colored shirts!

Author: Mary G.

  • Review Add on: 13/01/2022

This deodorant is calming to the skin while keeping you feeling comfortable and dry. It has a nice gentle hint of a lavender scent.

Author: Ida W.

  • Review Add on: 29/12/2021

Effective and Smells Excellent :rainbow:

Author: Darcy C.

  • Review Add on: 14/08/2021

This is a very TRUE lavender smell. Lasts all day long. If you love lavender you will love this. I’m not a huge fan of lavender because it is very strong but even I have to appreciate the naturally clean smell of this one.

Author: Molly M.

  • Review Add on: 04/09/2020

Best natural deodorant I have yet to use and they all smell fantastic! Im always recommending it to my friends!

Author: Aditi K.

  • Review Add on: 16/08/2020

Love the scent! Great deodorant!

Author: Darcy N.

  • Review Add on: 09/07/2020

I have tried other brands and have been left with discoloration if the skin and I didn’t like that so I would go back to degree.
After trying this and the mint one I really liked it because I had no staining and lasted pretty long about 6 hours for me before having to reapply. I can live with that. Just wish that there was one that lasted longer.

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