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Author: Carolyn D.

  • Review Add on: 15/08/2021

I have observed a major change in a large spot on my hand. One on my face is taking a bit longer. Working on some smaller spots on my 75 year old hands.
This product works.

Author: Deborah R.

  • Review Add on: 05/02/2021

I just started using this but think I see a slight difference - too soon to tell.

Author: Lily S.

  • Review Add on: 18/09/2020

I haven’t really noticed a difference yet. It definitely smooths the texture of scars but I haven’t noticed any lightening. It’s only been two weeks though so I’ll keep going!

Author: Yaro M.

  • Review Add on: 15/07/2020

It doesn’t work. I tried for 2 weeks already. Maybe it needs more time.

Author: J Wakefield -

  • Review Add on: 25/03/2020

I was excited to try Pigment Lightning Cream because of the sun spots on my face and hands. I have been using the Clay C for a couple of weeks before and saw a fading to these spots. Using the PLC for a week now, I really notice the fading to increase.

I am so happy with the results so far, thank you so much.

I started using Zion Health Clay Dry deodorants first and my whole family loves it. I bought the other products for my daughter, who was suppose to visit but had to cancel because of the coved-19 virus, and myself. She is looking forward to trying the PLC and the Clay C. I’m sure she’s going to love them.

Psalm 122:6. :)

Author: Laura  -

  • Review Add on: 23/09/2018

May want to purchase but the ingredients aren’t listed here? Please include the full ingredient listing here, thanks.

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