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Author: Franka

  • Review Add on: 02/03/2015

Amazing!!! This is the very best detox bath product I have encountered. Ancient Clay is really powerful stuff! I highly recommend it! Thank you for offering these wonderful products, Adama Minerals!

Author: Lee S.

  • Review Add on: 17/12/2014

DeTox is amazing! I have had issues with pain in my feet following a bad break. I now enjoy a great foot "bath" in the evenings. My feet feel better and my patio plants too! Following one of your suggestions I have been feeding the potted plants with DeTox and they are much improved. I love all of your products that I have tried. Am now working on fitting a DeTox Bath into my hectic schedule. Love you guys!

Author: Citrusgal

  • Review Add on: 03/03/2014

Love this! When I saw the structure of the clay molecule-I was floored! To understand what these clay particles can do for your health & wellness- is to LOVE it! Will NEVER be without my clay-accumulating a store of this stuff...! I love ALL of your products-THANK YOU for bringing them to market!

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