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Daily Detox Bundles

Brand: Zion Health Model: Kanwa Tablets 120 + Van Coco Body Scrub + 2oz Repair Cream
Repair Skincare Kit (Value $59.93)This kit offers you a natural skincare regimen which repairs the skin and givesit a healthy and radiant youthful glow. It is a great way to get the skin back intoits former glory with normalizing and antioxidant natural ing..
Brand: Zion Health Model: Home and Away - Energy Formula Tablets and Powder Package
Home and Away - Multi Detox Cleanse ComboEnergy Detox Tablets and Detox Powder Package Detox BenefitsWe are daily bombarded with man-made toxins from chemicals, pesticides,and food additives. Minerals are needed to help the body detoxify and strengthenthe immune. Natur..
Brand: Zion Health Model: ZAP Acne Kit
ZAP Acne Kit (Value $69.96)This Acne bundle is proven to heal, rejuvenate and repair your skin. With our4 core products this is our most popular and comprehensive bundle that willhelp clarify, clear, and balance the skin pH level. This daily care system willhelp treat acne and help prevent..
Brand: Zion Health Model: JasmineGreenTea24bag + Charcoal Mask4oz + Kanwa Detox Powder12oz
Complete Detox Blend Kit If you are feeling a little sluggish and fatigued, give yourself a litle boostwith these naturally purifying skin and body care essentials.Kit Includes:Kanwa Minerals with Natural Jasmine Green Tea – Daily Detox 24 bagsA gentle remedy that may be cosu..
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