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Maskne Care Kit (Acne Mask, Acne Terminator + Calming Cream)

Maskne Care Kit (Acne Mask, Acne Terminator + Calming Cream) image
Maskne Care Kit (Acne Mask, Acne Terminator + Calming Cream)
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Maskne Care Kit
With constant friction and bacteria harboring from our masks, it’s no wonder we’re suffering from Maskne (Mask + Acne). Fear not, we have the kit for you! After using a gentle cleanser, we suggest this three step control system to get you back on track to glow, clear skin.
Acne occurs when your pores plug up with dead skin cells and oil, so the main solution is to dissolve and slough them away.
Use this Salicylic based mask to exfoliate dead skin cells that haven’t properly shed off. No clogged pores = no acne.
Suggested Usage: 2-3 times per week.
Whereas we suggest using the Acne Mask for your entire face, this product is meant for spot treating pustules.
The main active ingredient, again, is salicylic acid, a BHA (Beta Hydroxyl acid) that unclogs and dissolves plugged up hair follicles (pores)
to treat and prevent future acne. In addition to Salicylic acid, this contains Tea Tree Oil which is an antibacterial, killing off acne-causing
bacterial growth.
Although these ingredients can be drying, we counteract and balance them with hydrating and nourishing oils such as Borage and Primrose.
Suggested Usage: 4-5 times per week. Increase as needed
To top it off, our calming cream with colloidal oatmeal hydrates and soothes dry and irritated skin. A non-greasy, quick absorbing formula,
this lightweight cream reduces redness with anti-inflammatory ingredients such as cucumber extract and comfrey.
Suggested Usage: Daily as last step of PM skincare routine.

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