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Hiking Kit

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Hiking Kit
Hiking Kit
Hydrating Spray
A refreshing, moisturizing spray to re-hydrate the skin. Just as your body needs water internally to stave off de-hydration.
Treat your face with the same kind of love! Spritz away.
BB cream
A creamy anti-wrinkle mineral sunscreen with a slight tint that automatically adjusts to ALL skin types, leaving no white cast.
Don’t let the sun damage the collagen in your skin (speeds up the aging process)!
Sun Stick
A convenient, jumbo lip balm sized sun stick that is perfect for touching up on the neck and the back of your hands.
We trust that our deodorants will last you ALL day even through a hike. However, if you are hiking in a remote area for more than a day,
it may be convenient to have a minty fresh deodorant to keep you smelling like you haven’t begun your hike.
Repair cream
Best case scenario- you don’t come across poison ivy, poison oak and poison suma or is bug bitten but IF you do, this will be a life saver.
With a blend of essential oils, zinc oxide, and soothing herbs, this Repair Cream will immediately soothe excruciating itchiness and calm down tender, inflamed skin.
Hand Sanitizer
When you’re out in the wilderness and a pang of hunger strikes, you know you have our trusty hand sanitizer to cleanse the grime and bacteria off
before digging into your sandwich.


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